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Electric or nitro — So, which one is better? On the track that is…

I was recently at our charity race and talking to some guys about running my 2wd nitro powered short course truck with them in the 2wd truck class. I was already running a nitro powered 4wd short course truck in the unlimited short course class and since my RC10 GT conversion was a close enough [...]

Jun 21, 2011 Comments
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What a vacation!

I recently got back from a week off and during that time I did one of my favorite things; worked on RC. I’m getting myself ready for our Race for a Cure at the end of the week and it was nice to be able to spend the time to get things just right on [...]

Jun 13, 2011 Comments
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Packing for Bashing—What to Bring

“Bashing” refers to driving your RC car in places other than the track. While some racers think the only place to have fun is on a well-manicured track, the fact is that most RC cars never see the track and spend their lives on the bashing paths. Although it is commonly called “backyard bashing,” there [...]

Jun 03, 2011 Comments
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Join us for some fun!

Our annual Race for a Cure is going to be here before you know it and I can’t wait. It’s happening on Father’s day weekend and it’s a great time and an awesome way to raise money for a good cause. Bring your family with you and they will have a fun filled day with [...]

May 31, 2011 Comments
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Happy Memorial Day!

It’s been a great weekend and I look forward to heading to some of the picnics that I’ve been invited to. When I attend some of these events I love to bring some of my RC cars with me. There’s always someone there who never saw a hobby grade RC vehicle run before and are [...]

May 30, 2011 Comments
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Bringing your nitro car out of storage

It is official; nitro racing season is here! For many, it is time to bring out their nitro cars and trucks from winter hibernation. It seems strange, but over the months of sitting around, things start to go bad in many areas of your car. Before your fire-up your nitro vehicle for the first time [...]

May 29, 2011 Comments
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Are you a custom builder?

  One of the reasons I love the RC hobby is because the possibilities with these vehicles is almost endless. I enjoy building kit vehicles and building project vehicles for the mag where I bolt on a bunch of cool stuff. The thing that I enjoy the most is designing and making my own parts. [...]

May 27, 2011 Comments
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What track food do you like?

Every weekend that I hit the track I bring a few of my favorite foods so I have something to chow on when I get hungry. I’m not a fan of having to leave the track during the day to get some grub because I’m always worried that I’m going to miss my next round [...]

May 23, 2011 Comments
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