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This 1/5 Scale Alfa Romeo Will Set You Back $65,000 (And It’s Not Even RC)

Yep, you read that right. This awesome recreation of an 1931 Alfa Romeo 8C 2300 Monza will cost you a cool $65,000. Unsurprisingly, that kind of money gets you a massive masterpiece that’s built just like the full-size car, and is so well-detailed that I thought it was the real car until I saw those [...]

Jul 06, 2015 Comments
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RC4WD Gelande II With Cruiser Body Unboxing

I am very happy that scale trucks are growing in popularity. I enjoy the time that you spend painting the body to get it just right and the scale accessories do a great job of taking that already good looking vehicle and bringing it to another level. One company that is at the top of [...]

Jul 02, 2015 Comments
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Castle Creations Releases New Monster X Speed Control

The Monster  X is the latest in the Monster line from Castle Creations and it’s designed to operate big power vehicles such as 1/8-scale buggies and truggies, on-road cars and monster trucks. The Monster X speed control is packed full of features such as the ability to adjust one of many settings from an aux [...]

Jul 02, 2015 Comments
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JConcepts Ruptures Now Available in 2.2-inch size

Hot on the heels of the 1.9-inch Ruptures are the larger 2.2-inch versions from JConcepts. These tires are great for any 2.2-inch trail truck or crawler and feature an aggressive tread pattern that is sure to provide grip on many surfaces. The soft rubber compound also aids in getting maximum traction. For more new products [...]

Jul 01, 2015 Comments
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Bill Zegers Sure Can Paint

I’ve got a JConcepts Atlas short course body for an upcoming project, and it just came back from painter Bill Zegers. I asked him to lay down a Oakley-inspired paint job and what showed up at my door was amazing. I figured I’d take a few shots and share it with you guys. I can’t [...]

Jun 30, 2015 Comments
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REDS Racing Expands Its Line With New TX120 Speed Control

REDS Racing isknown for producing nitro power and now the team there is shifting gears and hitting the eclectic side of things. We don’t know much about this speed control at this time (this is only a teaser) but it looks like they are hitting the 1/10-scale on and off-road market. Looks like a pretty [...]

Jun 24, 2015 Comments
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This RC Lego F1 Build Will Blow Your Mind [VIDEO]

Hat tip to Jalopnik for turning us on to this awesome Lego Ferrari 248 F1 car. It’s a custom job by prolific builder “Sariel,” not an off the shelf kit, which makes it even more impressive. Better yet, it’s radio control! In addition to the usual throttle and steering capabilities, the car features a shift-on-the-fly transmission, articulated [...]

Jun 22, 2015 Comments
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Basher Hits The Road With The M.Rage

Basher’s heading into new territory with the M.Rage, the brand’s first on-road effort. Surprisingly, the car isn’t standard sedan-size, as in 190mm wide with a 255(ish)mm wheelbase. Instead, the M.Rage is scaled like Tamiya’s “M-chassis” cars, with a 210mm wheelbase at 165mm wide. Actual scale size depends what body is on the car. It’s technically [...]

Jun 18, 2015 Comments
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