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REDS Racing Expands Its Line With New TX120 Speed Control

REDS Racing isknown for producing nitro power and now the team there is shifting gears and hitting the eclectic side of things. We don’t know much about this speed control at this time (this is only a teaser) but it looks like they are hitting the 1/10-scale on and off-road market. Looks like a pretty [...]

Jun 24, 2015 Comments
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This RC Lego F1 Build Will Blow Your Mind [VIDEO]

Hat tip to Jalopnik for turning us on to this awesome Lego Ferrari 248 F1 car. It’s a custom job by prolific builder “Sariel,” not an off the shelf kit, which makes it even more impressive. Better yet, it’s radio control! In addition to the usual throttle and steering capabilities, the car features a shift-on-the-fly transmission, articulated [...]

Jun 22, 2015 Comments
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Basher Hits The Road With The M.Rage

Basher’s heading into new territory with the M.Rage, the brand’s first on-road effort. Surprisingly, the car isn’t standard sedan-size, as in 190mm wide with a 255(ish)mm wheelbase. Instead, the M.Rage is scaled like Tamiya’s “M-chassis” cars, with a 210mm wheelbase at 165mm wide. Actual scale size depends what body is on the car. It’s technically [...]

Jun 18, 2015 Comments
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Kevin Holmlund’s Incredible Conley V8-Powered 1/4 Scale Grave Digger Monster Truck [VIDEO]

What would you do if you got your hands on a fully operational 1/4 scale Conley V8 engine? Most would mount it on a nice piece of stained wood and put it on their desk, and a few of those people would actually fire it up from time to time to show it off to [...]

Jun 16, 2015 Comments
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World’s Smallest Nitro Powered RC Car? [Video]

Now here’s something you don’t see every day. This guy made the world’s smallest nitro powered RC car (he claims–ever seen one smaller?) and it sounds pretty mean. Bonus points for the old “upside down bicycle as starter box” trick. Check out the video.

Jun 11, 2015 Comments
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FPV On The Track: Fly Along With The Action [VIDEO]

The first-person-view (FPV) scene is exploding, but most of the clips are landscapes and sky-high shots–yawn. We like this clip a lot more, as “josh fpv” gets right down into the action on an RC track.  

Jun 10, 2015 Comments
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PROTOform Introduces Cadillac ATS-V.R Body

PROTOform’s new Caddy is a great representation of the full-size car and comes molded out of .030 Lexan. This hot body is designed to fit a 190mm touring car chassis and it’s a sweet looking piece. Beyond scale appearance, the body is also designed to provide maximum performance and includes tuning options for various types [...]

Jun 08, 2015 Comments
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Tamiya Brings Back the TA-02, Announces New TB-04R and F103GT Models

Remember the Tamiya TA-02 chassis? It was ground zero for the touring car mania that swept RC in the late nineties and early 2000s, and without it the sedan scene wouldn’t exist. Now it’s back in “SW” (Short Wheelbase) trim, specifically to fit Porsche 911GT2 bodywork with the correct scale proportions. The limited-edition release is [...]

Jun 05, 2015 Comments
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