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Marui Big Bear: Looking Back at RC’s First Monster Truck

This week, we go back in time to take a look at what most consider to be the first true RC monster truck: the Marui Big Bear. Back in 1984, this 1/12 scale crusher set the standard for a fat-tire stance with real monster proportions. the Big Bear is positively stone-age compared to today’s trucks, but [...]

Jan 19, 2015 Comments
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Axial Yeti XL Now Available In Kit Form

That’s right, the Axial Yeti XL monster buggy is now available as a kit, which means you get to put it together yourself. That also means that you can install the electronics of your choice and give the body you own custom paint job. But that’s not all of the good news. Axial includes some [...]

Jan 15, 2015 Comments
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Kev’s Bench: Project Old School Update

With the holidays and a magazine behind me I have finally been able to get a little work done on my old school monster truck project. I have a few suspension parts to design and make so I had to get the frame rails connected and Tamiya F-350 springs mounted in order to figure out [...]

Jan 12, 2015 Comments
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Kev’s Bench: We Need More Injection Molded Bodies!

There’s no doubt that injection molded bodies are the most detailed bodies available and that’s why we see them showing up on most scale trucks these days. The problem is that we don’t have enough bodies to choose from. We have the Toyota Hilux from Tamiya and RC4WD, the Toyota Tundra, Clod Buster Chevy and [...]

Jan 05, 2015 Comments
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Kev’s Bench: Ultimate 80′s Monster Build

I love old school monster trucks. They were slow and didn’t handle very well but boy did they look cool. They were basically oversized show trucks and featured tilt noses and beds, had tons of lights and lots of chrome. This is part of the reason why I fell in love with the Tamiya Clod [...]

Dec 22, 2014 Comments
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Kev’s Bench: Could Trophy Trucks The Next Big Thing?

The scale scene is big right now and there are no signs of it slowing down. Most of the scale vehicles out there are solid axle trucks that are designed to perform well on trail and rock courses. Although they rate high on the scale uh… scale, they lack the speed that most people in [...]

Dec 16, 2014 Comments
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RC4WD’s Trailfinder 2 Goes Short Wheelbase

The Trailfinder 2 from RC4WD is very popular with scaler fans and now it’s available in a short wheelbase (“SWB”) version. It’s only available as a kit at this time and we’re willing to be that there will be a RTR version soon. This is a great platform for those who like short wheelbase bodies [...]

Dec 16, 2014 Comments
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Kev’s Bench: The Ripper Lives Again!

When I last posted about my Thunder Tech Ripper, I was making plans to improve the old ride for enhanced performance and a return to solid-axle truck racing. Since then, parts have arrived and I’ve gone to work reviving the Ripper, and it’s ready for its debut as a refreshed rig. Today’s servos are much more [...]

Dec 08, 2014 Comments
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