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NEO 2012 Day One

Day one of Neo12 is all about traction! Where can I get some and can I get any more? Drivers are dealing with a freshly built track and sub 50deg track temps. For many of the USA driver’s, chassis setups for cold indoor tracks are not something that they have to face all too often. [...]

Apr 06, 2012 Comments
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NEO12 Track Layout Video

Here’s a quick video of the NEO12 track layout. Practice begins tomorrow and make sure to check back for daily updates. video platform video management video solutions video player

Apr 05, 2012 Comments
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It’s a Family Victory

Just a few weeks back HB/Pro-Line Racing’s Ty Tessman went two for two at the Dirt Nitro Challenge in Goodyear Arizona. What we didn’t show you was the emotion that both father and son had after Ty’s domination. With the Tessman’s, the entire family is involved, even the dog, so winning a big race like [...]

Mar 15, 2012 Comments
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What’s your Sports Car of Choice? RAUH-Welt BEGRIFF

In the world of full size cars, when it come to lust vehicles there are a ton of options. Most will steer towards Ferrari, Aston Martin, Bugatti, Shelby, and so on. The truth is, sports cars are meant to be animated, vibrant, insane, and a total nightmare to drive around in a downtown district. The [...]

Mar 13, 2012 Comments
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The Dirt Nitro Challenge 2012 – PHOTOS – VIDEOS – COVERAGE

Racing is very much a seasonal affair and during the winter months, and racers hang up their 1/8-scale nitro vehicles either to change the pace of their racing to meet the winter demands or simply take a break. As temperatures rise, cob webs are quickly dusted off vehicles, and credit cards begin their fitness routine [...]

Feb 21, 2012 Comments
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Monster Energy Supercross Stop #5 Anaheim Ca

Chances are, if your an RC enthusiast your going to have an appreciation for Supercross. Whether your surfing the forums for gossip, watching them on TV, or attending the events, it’s all a blast. The big question is, do the tables get turned with the Supercross riders following or involving themselves in RC driving/bashing/racing? Lets [...]

Feb 21, 2012 Comments
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Cleaning Made Easy

A few weeks ago while shooting the cover for Short Course on the beach in Ventura Ca, it became evident after running the Traxxas Slash through the surf and sand for over an hour that it badly needed to a good cleaning. Fortunately, Traxxas supplies the Slash with a waterproof servo, radio box, and ESC. Stephen [...]

Jan 26, 2012 Comments
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Pro-Line Short Course Open House

This past weekend Pro-Line Racing opened its doors to the public for a Short Course Open House. The theme of the day wasn’t racing; it was more about kicking back and having a good time with your RC buddies. Many of the 120+ entries brought friends and family while Pro-Line brought out a few of [...]

Jan 20, 2012 Comments
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