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Parking Lot Racing is back in San Diego! [Video][Photos]

In the whirlwind off the Short Course and Off-Road frenzy these past few years, On-Road racing as sadly taken a backseat to its more popular off-road brother. This has been true in my local San Diego on-road parking lot racing scene, but thankfully not for much longer. The folks over at decided to change that [...]

Jun 10, 2012 Comments
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Top Gun Shootout @ SDRC Raceway [PHOTOS][VIDEO][RESULTS]

What an epic race this past weekend at SDRC Raceway! Why do they call it Top Gun Shootout? Well, SDRC is in Miramar California and right next door is the military base (back then it was Air Force, now its Marines) where they filmed Top Gun starring Tom Cruise. This was the first year this [...]

Jun 06, 2012 Comments
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Top Gun Shootout [Cash Payouts to the winners!] @ SDRC Raceway, June 2nd & 3rd

This race is going to be sick! I received word that its filling up fast. They’re limited to 200 entries, so get your entry in quick! – Joel Navarro

Jun 05, 2012 Comments
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Durango DEX210 Test Drive [VIDEO]

You can check out the full review of this awesome buggy in the June 2012 issue of Radio Control Car Action. You can also check out the build on the Durango DEX210 in my blog on the . I tested the DEX210 at SDRC Raceway in Miramar, Ca. Check out all this track has to offer [...]

Jun 05, 2012 Comments
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Building the Associated TC6.1 Sedan

It’s been a little while since I have reviewed an onroad car and with the brand spanking new Associated TC6.1 landing in my lap for a review, you could have guess that I am feeling more than ecstatic on getting this rig on the track. As with most serious racers, which includes me, I prefer a new [...]

Feb 29, 2012 Comments
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Diggity Designs upgrade parts for Durango DEX210

While doing the test drive on the Durango DEX210 2wd 1/10th electric buggy at SDRC Raceway in San Diego CA, I was working with Team Durango driver Steve Butts, I noticed his DEX210 had some nice hop up parts on it. Of course I asked where he got all his trick parts and Steve said [...]

Feb 13, 2012 Comments
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Lets build the Durango DEX210 2wd electric buggy!

I’m reviewing the new Durango DEX210 2wd 1/10th scale electric buggy and I received in the mail the other day. I thought I would take you with me step by step in assembling this rig. I went ahead and reviewed the kit manual and did a little research on the DEX210 on Durango’s website, which [...]

Dec 08, 2011 Comments
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Participate in your local Toys 4 Tots Race!

If you’re obsessed with RC like me and have been for many years, you already know how many personal rewards and benefits it comes with. So with this in mind, I find myself thinking that if RC can give me so much satisfaction in my life, giving some of these rewards back is the least I can [...]

Nov 19, 2011 Comments
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