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Keep it Rollin’ – Essential Ball-Bearing Care Steps

Ball bearings are a vital part of RC cars. Most of us abuse them day after day with little to no maintenance, and they keep on allowing our wheels to spin freely. Have you ever noticed your car pulling to one direction but your steering trim and toe are set perfectly straight? The culprit may [...]

May 09, 2014 Comments
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Hobby King Announces Low-Dollar Drifter

Hobby King‘s latest low-low-low priced ride is The Devil, a drift-specific machine that arrives “almost ready to run” (ARR), leaving the battery and transmitter/receiver choice to you (you also get to clip the ring-toss body posts). Otherwise, the car is fully equipped with a Trackstar 45amp, 3000KV power system and high-torque servo. The all-plastic, front-motor [...]

Apr 21, 2014 Comments
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Learn from the Pro’s: TLR’s Adam Drake on building perfect shocks

Properly building your shocks the right way can take some practice. Not only is each step elaborate and full of experience-cultivated nuances, but building shocks correctly is also critical to performance. It can take a lifetime to hone the shock-building process, but thanks to TLR’s Adam Drake, we are now leaking some of the best [...]

Apr 11, 2014 Comments
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Ten ways a pair of digital calipers will make your life easier!

Football is a game of yards. Basketball is a game of feet. Baseball is a game of inches. And RC is a game of millimeters. The scaled-down nature of RC heightens the need for precision and narrows the margin of error. For that reason, building and tuning an RC vehicle is meticulous, and a matter [...]

Mar 28, 2014 Comments
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How to properly mask a body

One of the most important aspects of a sweet, long-lasting, custom paint job is body prep. If not carefully prepped, the paint will not stick to the Lexan properly, will flake off, and can cause the actual paint process to be much more difficult than it should be. This article will take you through the [...]

Feb 28, 2014 Comments
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Keep your ride in top shape with this simple 8-step post-race inspection

Even in a perfect world, where you don’t crash into anything and the racing surface is free of any and all debris, every car still benefits from a brief inspection after a testing session or race qualifier. In fact, it’s one of the best things you can do for your vehicle (obviously outside of complete [...]

Feb 14, 2014 Comments
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Performance Test: Team Associated SC10RS

Associated’s SC10 is a proven short-course performer in kit form, and maintains its race-ready handling in RTR mode as the SC10RS (that’s “RS” as in “Race Spec”). Here’s the full review from our on-sale-now April issue.  Click the pages to embiggen. For maximum size, right-click and open as a new tab or window.  Nice shots [...]

Feb 02, 2014 Comments
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It’s Not Nitro—Losi’s New Monster Burns Gasoline! Losi LST2 XXL First Look and Video!

One of the biggest announcements coming out of this week’s Nuremburg Toy Fair is from Losi, and it’s all about their new LST2 XXL monster truck. While the LST2 is no spring chicken, it’s been totally revamped and given new life thanks to some slick parts, new technology, and an all new gas-powered 2-stroke engine. [...]

Jan 31, 2014 Comments
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