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How To Glue Tires Like A Pro

Before your car or truck’s tires stand any chance of holding the road, track, or trail, they must first have a firm hold of the rim. This article will walk you through the exact steps that top drivers use to make certain their tires are mounted straight and true with the strongest possible bond. Follow [...]

Aug 30, 2013 Comments
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How To: Tune a Nitro Engine – Carb Tech Secrets Revealed!

By far the steepest learning curve for a nitro rookie is learning how to tune a carburetor. It can be awkward at first, but with a little effort, you’ll get it and never forget how to do it. Before we start adjusting needle valves, let’s consider the role of the carburetor and how it works. [...]

Jun 21, 2013 Comments
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Boca Bearing at RCX

RC Car Action‘s Aaron Waldron interviews Tommy Boothe from Boca Bearing to talk about the different products that Boca offers for RC hobbyists of all types. With bearings to fit many applications, like brushless motors and nitro engines in addition to car kits, available at different levels to suit your budget Boca had tons of [...]

Jun 18, 2013 Comments
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How To: Spend Wisely! Eleven Tools Totally Worth the Money

The RC car industry is full of innovative products—many of which are geared toward wrenching-oriented tasks. Over the years, many tools and accessories have been developed with RC use in mind, and others although non-RC specific, lend themselves extremely well to RC use. Some RC tools are a bit expensive. While some may scoff at [...]

Jun 17, 2013 Comments
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IFMAR Pre-Worlds Qualifying Day 1 Update

The world’s best 2WD and 4WD Modified drivers are competing this weekend in Chico, California at the World’s warm-up race.  A Main’s Jason Sams is on the scene covering the event and brings us the following race recap from day 1: A round of qualifying is in the books at the IFMAR Pre-Worlds held at [...]

Jun 08, 2013 Comments
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Hobby People Super Store

The Hobby People store at RCX was packed with great deals on the latest RC gear, and there are always a lot of happy faces as people leave with the latest new planes, helis and cars. Even Model Airplane News West Coast senior editor John Reid couldn’t resist checking out the brand new HP P-51D [...]

Jun 02, 2013 Comments
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On the Scene at RCX [video]

Here is the scene on Saturday afternoon from RCX. As you can see the crowds have settled in and the action hasn’t stopped. As robots roam the show floor, people are lining up for their chance to test their skills with small helis in the outdoor flight zone. The dirt tracks couldn’t be any busier [...]

Jun 01, 2013 Comments
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Artoo at RCX!

A gang Artoo units of have been making laps through the aisles at RCX, turning heads and taking photo ops everywhere they go. The radio controlled R2 units are the creations of the talented guys and gals at Have a look at the site, and don’t say we didn’t warn you if you get [...]

Jun 01, 2013 Comments
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