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Scott Lempert’s Vaterra Ascender

Scott Lempert, of Commerce Township, MI, was reluctant to cut-up a brand new Blazer body, but when he got the itch to make his Vaterra Ascender “topless and caged… like the old days,” he simply couldn’t resist. One look at this killer entry and it is immediately apparent that this customized body is a resounding [...]

Dec 03, 2014 Comments by
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How To Replace Servo Gears

Clicking, buzzing, but no steering? Sounds like your servo needs a new set of gears, stat. We’ll show you how to get in there and make the fix fast so you can get back in action ASAP. Click images to embiggen  

Nov 10, 2014 Comments by
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Project Build: Desert-Prepped Losi 5IVE-T

If you like your RC super-sized, mega-modded, and fired up on fossil fuel, then you’ll definitely dig this fully customized dune destroyer. Losi’s John Schultz took his 5IVE-T to the limit with a pile of go-fast gear and paddle tires for superior sand-slinging performance. Click images to embiggen    

Nov 10, 2014 Comments by
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“ROAR and IFMAR Should Look at Their Rulebooks and Start Crossing Some Stuff Out”

If that tidbit piques your interest, then you’ll definitely enjoy our interview with Orange County RC Raceway’s outspoken owner, Robert Black. What does he think about modern tracks, today’s pro’s, and the competition RC scene? Read on to find out. Robert “RB” Black is an entrepreneur, a track owner, a visionary and voice for the [...]

Nov 10, 2014 Comments by
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8 Easy Steps For Perfect Paint

For every RC car body that gets the a multi-color, carefully masked custom paint job, there are probably 100 that just get a one-color quickie. Nothing wrong with that, but it’s not as simple as just pointing a spray can at the Lexan and pressing the button. Bodies aren’t cheap, and we’re sure you want [...]

Sep 29, 2014 Comments by
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5 Vintage Cars We Want Re-Released NOW

Blame Tamiya, and the endless appeal of nostalgia. With the rerelease of the iconic Frog, Hornet, Bruiser, and Sand Scorcher (among other models), Tamiya took vintage RC fun out of exclusive realm of bucks-up eBay hunters and brought everyone in on the action. Team Associated has since joined the wayback-wheels trend with the RC10 Classic [...]

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Real Data: The Mods That Matter For Track Performance

  No amount of money spent on the most expensive RC gear is going to make up for crashing three times around the same corner, and there’s simply no cheaper “hop-up” than practice – after all, Benjamin Franklin and Andrew Jackson can’t drive the car for you. However, there are essential car mods that do [...]

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Atsushi Hara’s SWORKz S350 Evo Buggy at the Worlds.

Atsushi Hara is at the Worlds driving his SWORKz S350 Evo buggy. Still fairly new to the buggy, Hara leaves it relatively stock. However, the former World Champion is running a few new parts including aluminum rear hubs, and universal-style axles front and rear. Still looking for a set up for the unusual conditions, Hara [...]

Sep 26, 2014 Comments
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