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Throwback Thursday: August 1997

The Summer of 1997 was a great time for RC and the world alike. South Park made its debut and Steve Jobs returned to Apple. Speaking of returning… the month of August was also my return to my beloved hobby of RC. I took a break in 94 to go off to college and now [...]

Dec 12, 2013 Comments
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Flashback: April 1988 – Tamiya Clod Buster

Flashback is a new weekly column on so tune in each week and if there’s something you want to see… let me know! You can email your ideas to me at I got first pick for this week so sit back and enjoy a little taste of time travel Car Action style! Where [...]

Dec 06, 2013 Comments
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Throwback Thursday: February 1993

Hopefully by the time you read this you’ll have packed yourself full of turkey, stuffing, cranberries, Pez, and what we in my family refer to as “OH, the salad!” …which gets forgotten about until nearly dessert and everything in between. If this is the case, then you’re probably ready for a nap, but let us [...]

Nov 28, 2013 Comments
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Throwback Thursday: December 1994

This week’s Throwback comes on the heels of the end of yet another spectacular season of F1 racing  with Sebastian Vettel winning another championship. It was in December of 1994, a time that many of us in the US consider the end of “Racing Season” that we put behind us forever the death of one [...]

Nov 21, 2013 Comments
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Throwback Thursday: February 1996

As 1996 began, we saw Microsoft’s all new Windows 95 arrive on new computers around the world changing the way we would see computers forever. A new game became all the rage in Japan and Pokemon was born and for us, February 1996 meant a look back at the first 10 years of RC Car [...]

Nov 14, 2013 Comments
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We Got A Situation!

You may recognize this guy as “The Situation” from MTV’s Jersey Shore, but to the guys who hang out at Unreal RC in Toms River, NJ, he’s known simply as Michael Sorrentino. Michael received his first RC vehicle from his family for his birthday and it was a landslide from there. He loved the hobby [...]

Nov 04, 2013 Comments
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Throwback Thursday: August 1991

August 1991 ahh.. the endless summer. While I was at home on summer break tearing up my unsuspecting parents’ backyard for my new RC track, Tim Berners-Lee introduced us all to the World Wide Web with its very first website “” and the Soviet Union, and for the larger part communism, fell and a new [...]

Oct 31, 2013 Comments
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January Issue Preview: Team Associated RC10 Classic

Team Associated rocked the RC world back in June when they announced that the 1984 gold-tub RC10 would be returning as a re-issued, limited-production model later in the year. Dubbed the RC10 Classic, the A-Team showed off a preproduction version of the car at RCX and it has been eagerly anticipated since. Our full review [...]

Oct 30, 2013 Comments
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