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Amazing FPV RC Buggy Chase on RC Track [Video Of The Week]

The video of this week is just way to sweeeet! Check out this aerial video from a FPV of two RC cars chasing each other around a RC track.  The footage is pretty great because we don’t see to many videos with this type of view.

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Pit Tip: Bottom Out

I paint some Liquid Paper on the bottom of my short course chassis before I run my truck.  This allows me to see if the truck is bottoming out over jumps and lets me know if I need to make suspension change. Federic Cry – Drummondville, QC Canada

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Readers’ Ride Of The Week: Axial Wraith

Ian Roberts’ Axial Wraith is equipped with a Holmes Hobbies motor and Solar Servo custom tie rods. He removed the top of the HPI Jeep Rubicon body and then painted the vehicle inside and out. The Jeep is riding on Pro-Line Racing 2.2 Swampers and wheels with custom bead locks. Ian Robers – Apple Valley, CA [...]

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Gotta-See-It-to-Believe-it Precision Drifting

Now this is some incredible drifting action. It’s hard enough to drive with millimeter precision in a car with traction. Just look at what this driver can do while sliding and spinning with no traction at all! Ken Block has nothing on Drift 44–he is The Master. Too many great moves in this video to [...]

Jul 19, 2013 Comments by
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Ray’s Deluxe HiLux, Plus more Readers’ Rides from the September issue!

Ralph Ray of Austin, TX built a real scale beauty with his Hilux Double Cab kit. This ride features a full complement of scale accessories from Pro-Line and trick axles, wheels and tires from RC4WD. The Double Cab has been outfitted for torque with a Savox SA-1230SG steering servo and Holmes Hobbies Torque Master [...]

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Easy DIY Car Rack, Plus more tips from the latest issue!

Here’s a car rack that’s easy on the eyes and the budget. All you need is 48 x 8″ pre-finished shelf and two 48 x 5/8″ dowels.  Cut the dowels in 8″ lengths and paint them to match the shelf.  Use a 5/8″ spade but to drill holes for the dowels.  Space the holes 5.5″ [...]

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Video of the Week: High-Flying Jump Action

Lots of high-jumping hangtime in this video as a Traxxas Stampede 4X4 and Slash bomb off cliffs, air out on BMX trail jumps, and generally tear it up for the camera. Watch for the gravity-defying POV shots!

Jul 12, 2013 Comments
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Question Of The Week: What’s Next for RC?

Brushless motors, LiPo batteries, and 2.4Ghz radio systems are innovations that have dramatically shaped radio control. What do you think will be the Next Big Thing to hit our hobby? Participate in the conversation on our Facebook page! Let us know what you think is on the technological horizon. If we share your comments in [...]

Jul 10, 2013 Comments
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