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REDS Racing evokes improved fuel economy with their new R7 engine

Back at The Dirt Nitro Challenge in February, REDS Racing USA’s Alex Pilson let me in on a little secret that the Mario Rossi-designed brand was working on a new engine, specifically with fuel mileage in mind. Last weekend, REDS Racing team driver and 2010 IFMAR World Champion Cody King took the Pro Buggy win [...]

Apr 04, 2014 Comments
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Team Associated honors the late Gene Husting with a limited-edition ‘Members Only’ Jacket

It seems only fitting that RC industry icon and RC Hall of Fame member Gene Husting, the late founder of Team Associated, was always seen at the racetrack wearing an “Iconic Racer” jacket from Members Only. Now you too can own one with a special “old-school” Team Associated patch, and benefit a good cause at [...]

Apr 03, 2014 Comments
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Just who are the big races for, anyway?

In the RC racing world, the term “big race” is loosely applied to any competitive event that’s deemed more important than the typical club race. Sure, there are ROAR National Championship races for all major racing classes, but many local facilities organize special events throughout the year in order to draw a larger crowd, often [...]

Apr 01, 2014 Comments
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New JConcepts chassis decal covers the bottom of the B5 and B5M

If you’ve recently purchased and built your Team Associated B5 or B5M buggy, you’ll want one of these before you scuff up that smooth and shiny chassis. The new chassis decals are pre-cut to fit the shape of the chassis, saving the chassis from scratches and lowering resistance when the car bottoms out. Each package [...]

Mar 28, 2014 Comments
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HobbyKing goes 2WD SCT racing for less than $100!

Got an extra set of electronics laying around? If so, you can pick up Turnigy’s new SCT V2 kit and go racing for less than a Benjamin. Not only does the SCT V2 look like a modern SCT in terms of chassis and suspension design, but the truck comes with threaded aluminum “big bore” shocks, [...]

Mar 28, 2014 Comments
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Biggest stories from the pits and racetrack of the Cactus Classic

As with any big race, the pit area of last weekend’s 28th Annual Cactus Classic at SRS was full of new products from a wide variety of manufacturers – including new products being run in race conditions for the first time! Here’s a look at new products found in the pit area this year, along [...]

Mar 21, 2014 Comments
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Sneak Peek at Pro-Line’s new 2.2″ Big Joe II tires

Pro-Line Racing has released teaser images of their upcoming Big Joe II tire to fit the “mini-size” wheels used on the Traxxas 1:16 Summit® and HPI Racing Savage XS. The tire has a blocky, aggressive tread pattern and will fit 2.2″ rims like Pro-Line’s Desperado, injecting a dose of scale-realism into two of RC’s most [...]

Mar 19, 2014 Comments
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Dakotah Phend does the double to highlight Cactus Classic main events

The 28th running of the Cactus Classic ended with what may very well have been the last set of main events to be run on the famous sunbaked outdoor blue groove at the current Scottsdale R/C Speedway, and what a day of racing it was. All five premiere-class titles were decided in spectacular fashion, and [...]

Mar 17, 2014 Comments
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