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A Main Hobbies’ ROAR Fuel Off-Road Nationals Video

A Main Hobbies’ latest highlight video comes straight from Gulf Coast Raceway in Porter, TX, site of the ROAR Fuel Off-Road Championships a couple of weeks ago. The clip starts with incredible flyover footage of GCR’s large pit area and track, and ends with Ty Tessman and Adam Drake hoisting their respective national championship trophies. [...]

Jun 26, 2013 Comments
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2013 ROAR Nationals Sideshow – Denver Houghton Eats Huge Beetle

At last weekend’s ROAR Nationals in Porter, TX there was one particular event in the pit area that drew nearly as much excitement as the on-track action itself. A collection plate circulated through the pits to put together a jackpot for young TLR racer Denver Houghton from Benton, LA, who agreed to eat a large [...]

Jun 21, 2013 Comments
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The bitter disappointment of losing

Last night I performed the RC version of a soccer player’s greatest acting gig: flopping and writhing in pain in order to draw a foul when he knows that he’s been beat. You’ve seen it on TV – the forward stays onside long enough to get the lob pass from midfield, fails to outrun the [...]

Jun 20, 2013 Comments
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ROAR Fuel Off-Road Nats: Drake Takes Buggy, Tessman Tops in Truck

Nitro off-road racers wait all year to race in the Nationals. They spent five days at the track for less than an hour of practice, fewer than 30 minutes of qualifying, and just an hour and 45 minutes are all it takes to crown two National Champions. With the expanding prestige of a nitro off-road [...]

Jun 17, 2013 Comments
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2013 ROAR Fuel Off-Road Nationals – Fourth Round and Overall Qualifying Results

Two new names topped the final round of qualifying at this year’s ROAR Nationals; one continued a streak (four different TQ’s in Truck) and one halted a streak (Dakotah Phend TQ’d the first three rounds of Buggy, but a DNS allowed someone else to claim the stop spot). More importantly, the fourth round was the [...]

Jun 16, 2013 Comments
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2013 ROAR Fuel Off-Road Nationals – Third Round Results

The third round of any nitro off-road race is the most important. Unless you locked in two solid rounds on Day One, it’s imperative to do well on Saturday morning rather than risk relying on a flyer in the final chance to improve your points. With several top drivers struggling in at least one round [...]

Jun 15, 2013 Comments
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2013 ROAR Fuel Off-Road Nationals – Second Round Results

The ROAR Fuel Off-Road Nationals uses a driver’s two best rounds, determined by assigning points per position, to seed the main events. The easiest way for a racer to take the pressure off of himself early in the weekend? Put in two solid runs on Friday afternoon and get locked into Sunday’s final. Several of [...]

Jun 14, 2013 Comments
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2013 ROAR Fuel Off-Road Nationals – First Round Results

Ty Tessman kicked off his double title defense with a strong statement in the first round of Truck qualifying by capturing the first round TQ by nearly 2.5 seconds over the field. With the tough track layout favoring those who can drive punched without mistakes, which is Ty’s specialty, this first round could be an [...]

Jun 14, 2013 Comments
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