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TrackStar D-Spec Drift Gyro Gets You Sideways On The Cheap

TrackStar D-Spec Drift Gyro Gets You Sideways On The Cheap

If you’ve ever wanted to experiment with a gyro for drifting (or cheating in the Parking Lot 500, we won’t judge you), TrackStar’s new box will let you electronically mitigate oversteer on the cheap–the D-Spec Drift Gyro is just $19! You can adjust the “gain”(the amount of steering help the gyro gives you) right from the transmitter if you’ve got a 3-channel pistol. The gyro is tiny, so you should be able to fit it into just about anything. Official TrackStar hype and specs below.


Latest from HobbyKing:

The TrackStar D-Spec Drift Gyro V2 is a lightweight, micro gyro designed for use in drift cars to help with all aspects of handling including straight line performance. The original was hugely popular in the drift community, and this version is better than ever!

To use, simply plug the D-spec Drift Gyro in between the steering servo and the receiver. From there it is just two adjustments to get the Drift Gyro working. One is compensation direction, the other is the gyro gain which is the sensitivity function.

Listening to customer feedback, the new version of the TrackStar Drift Gyro has no wires coming out the side. All wires are now all facing upwards and are removable, saving a lot of space and providing easier wire fitting. Another improvement is that the TrackStar D-Spec Drift Gyro V2 also features a remote “gain” function, allowing you to adjust the “gain” easily by using a 3CH transmitter. Perfect for making adjustments while on the move!


Locked in feeling specially designed for drifting
Remote gain function
Integrated, Compact and Feather Weight
Compatible with HV/Fast response servos


Sensor: Vibrating Structure
Operating Voltage: 4~8.4V
Current Drain: 25mA
Operating Temperature range: -10°C~45°C
Dimensions: 21×21?x11mm
Weight: 3.6g

#9052000072-0 – $18.99

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