The 25 Most Important RC Cars of All Time

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In the long history of the radio control car hobby, many models have resonated as popular, innovative, influential, successful, or any combination thereof. To choose just 25 as “The Most Important Cars of All Time” is not an easy task, considering the 40-plus years of car development that encompasses the RC hobby. Some of the cars here are slam dunks, others may be arguable, and some you might find downright dubious.  However, we can all agree on this much: there are some truly legendary models on the pages ahead, and we’re lucky to enjoy the incredible depth of passion, intelligence, and creativity that the many manufacturers of RC continue to deliver year in and year out. Is this a great hobby or what?

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6 Responses to “The 25 Most Important RC Cars of All Time”

  1. bruce says:

    would have figured bruiser.hillux mountaineer blackfoot or lunchbox would have made the list

  2. y2kgtp says:

    Had the RC10 and JRx2 when they first came out. Surprised no Tamiya Frog on here.

    • THE SNOOP! says:

      I agree, there should be the frog on here, it was the begining of a new age of rc buggies, less scale, more performance.

  3. Ray Parayno says:

    Tamiya Bruiser should be on this list.

  4. jay says:

    No HPI savage?

  5. THE SNOOP! says:

    Btw, your reffered to the hornet as ‘the frog’ and you then said the frog has a tub chassis, it doesn’t, it has a space frame chassis, the same as the Tamiya subaru brat and lancia rally.

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