Can You ID This Vintage RC Machine?

Aug 18, 2014 6 Comments by

“Name That Old RC Car” is recurring feature that always gets plenty of buzz on our Facebook page. Can you ID this week’s wayback buggy? Here’s a hint: it’s NOT a Tamiya, Kyosho, Associated, Losi, or Traxxas!



Photos courtesy Inet RC, go there now for more pics of this wild ride!


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6 Responses to “Can You ID This Vintage RC Machine?”

  1. Mike rusnak says:


  2. Noah suprak says:

    It is a AYK Buffalo

  3. kaan dilek says:

    My initial response was its a grasshopper, evidently I was wrong.

  4. Elk says:

    All close, but not correct.

    AYK Gator.

  5. Elk says:

    Appologies, posted incorrectly, AYK Sidewinder / Gator variant. Depends where you bought it.

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