Kev’s Bench: Project Traxxas Jato

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While working to get my project Vaterra Twin Hammers done, I managed to find a little time for another quick project. In front of my house is some fresh pavement with no cracks, dips or other imperfections and I want to have some on-road cars to play with on that perfect surface. This is where the Traxxas Jato enters the story. When the Jato was released I was able to spend some time driving it and I really enjoyed the experience. It’s a truck that gives you great on-road performance that is just as good as any RTR on-road car. The difference between a Jato and an on-road car is that you can jump the Jato; that’s something you can’t do with any on-road car. With this project I didn’t go crazy with various modifications; this was a simple bolt on deal. Normally I would pick out parts to make the vehicle lighter, stronger or faster. This time around I simply picked out stuff because I thought it would make my truck look cool. Items like Traxxas’ Exo-Carbon kit and red anodized turnbuckles alone really make this truck stand out. I also added other items such as aluminum hubs, Titanium Nitride coated shock shafts and bearing supported aluminum wheelie bar wheels. You can check out the complete line of hop up parts by clicking here.


Doesn’t that suspension look good? The aluminum parts and Exo-Carbon arms are pretty awesome and those parts do a great job of dressing up all four corners of my truck.



That polished Resonator pipe looks great and increases horsepower. Yep, I’ll take one of those.



The wheelie bar is an important piece on this truck and I helped it out by installing bearing supported wheelie bar wheels. Not only is it much smoother than stock but the rubber tires help soften the blow when the front end comes up and slams them onto the pavement.



That is one pretty chassis. The nice thing is that it will be driven on nothing but pavement so it will continue to look that way. The red links and carbon parts really stand out.



I couldn’t stick with the stock body for this truck. I picked up a clear one and had my buddy Bill from Zegers RC Graffixx paint it up. This truck is almost too pretty to drive!


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