Easy Paint-Pen Detailing

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I am always working on new projects for Radio Control Car Action, and this week I have a sneak-peek at an SCX10 Deadbolt I’m detailing out for a How-To article in an upcoming issue. I have been detailing scale vehicles for many years now and I used that knowledge to write an article that shows you how to add scale details to your truck and how to make those details look more real. The tips in this article are not limited to the SCX10 and will work on any scale vehicle that you are working on. The base truck for this article is an Axial Deadbolt and as you can see that my truck doesn’t look like the standard issue truck any more. Check out the October issues of Radio Control Car Action magazine to see how I made this happen but you can see one of the tips right now.

stock truck

Here is the stock truck.


And here is the after version. A little work goes a long way.

The stock wheels on the SCX10 series of trucks has details such as nuts and bolts to make them look more real. Since the wheel is all black they don’t really stand out much and you only really see the details if you look closely at the wheels. You can highlight those nuts and bolts with a silver marker. Remove the tires and wheels from your truck to make them easier to work on and simply touch the top of the nuts and bolts on the wheel with the tip of the silver marker. Let them sit for a little while to allow the marker to dry and put the tires and wheels back on your truck. Now your wheels will really stand out.


Just touch the top of the nuts and bolts with a silver marker and you’re done.


Here you can see the difference between the stock wheel on the left and the detailed wheel on the right.

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