Throwback Thursday, July 1993: Tamiya Mountaineer, a Weird Homebuilt, and Kyosho’s Car of the Year

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This week we are going back to 1993, when a gallon of gas cost $1.16, Jurassic Park was a big (get it?) hit at the box office and Beanie Babies were released. In the RC world, RC Car Action was showing off a new truck from Tamiya called the Mountaineer.

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Tamiya’s Mountaineer graced the July 1993 cover. This truck was by far the most scale RC vehicle of its time. This was also the first and last RCCA cover to feature a salmon background. Yeesh, what were we thinking?



The Mountaineer was based on the Bruiser, Tamiya’s original super-scale, mostly-metal RC machine. Minor changes like a roll bar and rims made the Mountaineer different from the Bruiser. If you dig this truck, good news: it’s back (with a few tweaks) and now dubbed the Mountain Rider. The Bruiser is also still available in its re-release form.


Like the Bruiser before it, the Mountaineer featured a ladder frame, 3-speed transmission, leaf springs, and lots of metal. The alloy-cased transmission arrived assembled, and there were no replacement parts–if something wore out, you just bought a whole new transmission.




Reader Wayne SooHoo’s “Dymonde Sports Touring Cycle ” prototype was bulit as an RC proof-of-concept for a full-sized vehicle. The idea was a huge hit, and that’s why we all drive these things now. OK, that didn’t happen, but the idea is still interesting. The build is pretty crude (note the electrical tape and zip-ties), but hey, whatever works.



Our Car of the Year pick was the Kyosho Inferno, which has since gone on to much acclaim in its various iterations and has won more 1/8 Scale Off-Road IFMAR Worlds titles than any other buggy. So yeah, good call!



Hunh, turns out tie-in between full-size and RC in the short course world is nothing new. Check out Racer News in this issue. That’s off-road racing legend Rob MacCachren on the right playing with a Losi LX-T. Today Rob is sponsored by Rockstar and dominates at just about any track he shows up to. He’s also pretty good behind the wheel of an RC car too.

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