JConcepts Fin Turnbuckles for Associated RC10 Worlds Car

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JConcepts has a new set of titanium turnbuckles for Associated’s RC10 Worlds Car re-release, and as you can see, they look pretty rad with their three-slot styling and classic ti-luster. Some purists will no doubt say, “those are not period-correct for the car,” and if that’s you then you can stick with Associated’s black-steel stockers. But if you’re into the “resto-mod” look (we are) and dig modern spins on classic cars, then these new Ti turnbuckles are a great touch. Official JConcepts hype follows the pic.


JConcepts introduces a stylish, durable and lightweight alternative Titanium turnbuckle kit for the popular Team Associated RC10 Worlds car vehicle.

JConcepts is Titanium with the introduction of the Fin turnbuckle sets designed specifically for style, durability and performance. The base of the shafts design is centered around a .143” titanium hex size which gradually tapers down into a 3mm thread base design which accepts standard JC and AE ball-cup configurations. The focus of the styling surrounds the lengthened adjustment hex area and the “fin” cuts that rotate about the center. The Fin turnbuckles are lightweight and the original design brings out the glamour and quality that makes titanium one of the most sought, after exotic materials in the world. The JConcepts turnbuckles are produced with left and right hand threads with the left being conveniently marked for easy orientation.

JConcepts turnbuckle adjustment wrench is offered separately as part # 2234.


Original JConcepts design and “Fin” styling
High-grade, machined titanium material
Standardized 3mm thread base
Left and right hand threads with conveniently marked left
Aesthetic jewelry

JConcepts – RC10 Worlds Fin titanium turnbuckle set – 8pc.
Part # – 2229
Retail price – $58.00
(Fits – RC10 Worlds and similar)

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