Throwback Thursday: July 1994 and Project Big Truck

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The best-known vehicle of 1994 was undoubtedly OJ Simpson’s Ford Bronco, but if you were an RCCA reader, a much different truck had your attention: the aptly named Project Big Truck.

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With the Clod Buster reigning supreme as RC’s biggest and baddest car crusher, aftermarket support for the mighty monster was at its peak. Editor John Howell put together his dream rig with parts from ESP, JPS, Dahm’s, Thorp, Pro-Line, and Trinity, including a pair of Sapphire 17-turn motors and an 8-cell 1700SCRC NiCad back–no LiPo or brushless back then!

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The sedan scene was still emerging in 1994, and Tamiya expanded its lineup to include a front-wheel drive platform, the FF01. The car used the TA-series chassis, added a new front gearbox, and a set of free-wheeling rear wheels.

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That wasn’t the issue’s only Tamiya. Essentially a nitro-powered version of the electric Dyna Blaster rolling on street tires, the TR15T features an exposed engine bay and swing-away roll bars in an unusual take on a nitro truck.

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An oval car was selected as Car of the Year–clearly, the RC world was different in 1994! Designed by Jim Dieter and wheeled by Joel Johnson, the Trinity Evolution 10SS was winning, TQ’ing, and setting track records anywhere racers turned left (and only left).

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