Associated Chassis Conversion Kits for B5 and B5M

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Team Associated bucked the trend of convertible-chassis 2WD buggies, instead choosing to offer dedicated rear-motor (B5) and mid-motor (B5M) platforms. Since most racers build their cars as either rear-motor or mid-motor and leave them that way, Associated determined the compromises required to make a single car work both ways weren’t worth it–hence the B5 and B5M. But what if you switch to a new home track, or your favorite course gets new dirt, or something else changes and a rear-motor ride becomes the hot setup rather than a mid-motor (or vice-versa?). You don’t need a new B-car, all you have to do is get the conversion kit to swap motor placement. Associated’s kits include all the parts you need to reconfigure your car, minus body. Expect pricing to be around $100 for the rear-to-mid conversion, and about $60 for the mid-to-rear version–the plastic chassis plate saves a few bucks over the mid-motor car’s aluminum chassis.



The #91540 kit includes everything you need to convert a B5M mid-motor car to the B5′s rear-motor configuration.



The #91539 version will reconfig your rear-motor B5 to the mid-motor setup of the B5M.

You read all about the B5 and B5M in our May issue, right?




From Team Associated:

#91539 B5 to B5M Conversion Kit
Use this kit to convert your RC10B5 to the RC10B5M mid-motor version. Apply the special mid-motor racing benefits to your track today! Standard version of parts are included. (#91538 B5M body not included.)
Available May 2014

#91540 B5M to B5 Conversion Kit
Now you can convert your mid-motor RC10B5M to the RC10B5. No need to buy a whole new kit to enjoy the benefits of both. Standard version of parts are included. (#91470 B5 body not included.)
Available April 2014

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