LaTrax Announces Hop-Ups for Teton

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Regular readers will recall our LaTrax Teton review from the May issue, where we enjoyed the truck in out-of-the box trim. Now LaTrax is rolling out upgrades for the little rig to increase performance and cool-factor. Visit the page for the new gear in our Hot News and New Stuff forum for the full lowdown; otherwise, here’s a quick look at the loot. Click the pics to enlargify…


This is officially the first time a washer has been exciting. These anodized aluminum dress-up parts give a the Teton wheels an nice bit of authentic hub detailing. Big versions for 1/10 scale, please!


Four colors, ‘cuz ya gotta have choices.



Aluminum shocks, always a winner. These are based on Traxxas’ GTR design, and they’re loaded–PTFE  bores, hard-anodized threaded bodies, vented spring perches…the works!


Installed. Note the bleed hole in the cap.



Snazzy blue-anodized driveshafts. The stock plastic shafts are fine, but these are stiffer. And blue, hello. Hopefully these shafts mean a brushless Power-Up for the Teton is coming.


And here they are installed. Nice.

Visit the page for the new gear in our Hot News and New Stuff forum for the full lowdown, including pricing and part numbers.

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