RC Car Action September 1998: The Battle of All Battles, the Last Dogfighter and An American Take On Schumacher’s Newest 2WD

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By the end of the Summer in 1998 this hobby had gone through some massive overhauls. In just a few shorty years we saw the design of cars at large change massively and nitro was quickly taking over as the hot power system of choice. It was in the September ’98 issue of RC Car Action magazine that we went head to head, nitro vs. electric to see who truly was best. We also welcomed in a new 4WD buggy from Yokomo. One that without us knowing would be the last Dogfighter, the car that lead many to the top of podiums and took down numerous World Championships. The MX-4 promised new levels of performance from a design that had been an ever changing canvas. Finally Schumacher, who had enjoyed over a decade of success in Europe, turned their eye toward the American RC racer with a revamp on their Fireblade 2WD buggy. This revised version of their best buggy to date was a step in a whole new direction for Schumy and one that we’d see inspiration from in all of their buggies to come. It’s time once again boys and girls, for another time warp. This week’s destination, 1998. It’s Throwback Thursday time again. Enjoy!

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Ah the Dogfighter. Through all of Yokomo’s iterations of this now legendary car we were held captivated. In its day NOTHING touched it and with a team of the world’s best drivers, no one could take it’s titles away. Master driver Masami Hirosaka, along with his Father who worked for Yokomo R&D, designed some wild one off creations using the “YZ” line of cars and the MX-4 represented the culmination of every one of those car. By mere first glance, you could see small touches of each of the cars we wished we could have. The MX-4′s release was nothing short of exciting and From Prototype- To Production we tested the MX-4 at the limit!

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Possibly the most age old question in RC after “how fast does it go?” is without a doubt “… which is better, nitro or electric?” Well with nitro quickly taking over the question could be ignored no longer! We took two of the time’s greatest stadium trucks, one nitro and one electric, and put them head to head to give you the 411. So who won? Check it out and decide for yourself!


 RCCA_1998_September-32-Schum-pg1 RCCA_1998_September-32-Schum-pg2

For over a decade Schumacher has celebrated massive success overseas. Here in the US however, competition was massive and for the first time, the boutique English company revised their current fighter to suit the tracks and drivers stateside. The Fireblade 2000 wasn’t just a car with a few new parts on it… it was a look into the future of Schumacher’s designs for 2WDs to come. Look at that chassis and tell me you don’t see everything up and through the Cougar buggies of today!


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