RC Car Action June 1991: The Man, The Myth, The Legend… We Get Inside the Mind Of Gil Losi Jr.

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Ah June! As the Winter fades away and snow melts, our minds go to warmer days to come when we can race outdoors, hit the parks, skies and even the water. This week we take a look at one of the most creative men in RC. Gil Losi Jr. built a name for himself through the early 1990s with his wild and unique designs and innovations that put Team Losi on the map. While you’re preparing for time travel once again on this Throwback Thursday, please make sure your tray is in its upright position and enjoy our upcoming June 2014 issue which features its very own special boat section. Can’t wait to check it out? Well then for now we throwback to when we hit the water with the MK Engineering 2-stroke powered Magnum deep-v boat. Finally we check out a scale build from before scale builds were cool with Steve Ibershof’s amazing ’27 T-Bucket. Happy Thursday everyone!

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There are a small group of people in this hobby that really have molded its path along the way. One of those men is without at doubt Gil Losi Jr. From his grassroots start racing at his father’s local hobby shop (the Ranch Pit Shop) to pro racer, RC innovator and everything in between, Gil showed us all ways to do things just a little further outside the box than we ever dreamed before. His debut design, the JRX2 2WD buggy was a tsunami to the off-road racing world of the late 80s and firmly planted the fledgling Team Losi as one of the top contenders world wide. After winning their second Car of the Year award, we sat down with Jr. to hear his story and pick his brain.


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With our special boat section coming in the June 2014 issue, we thought we’d share a TBT boat review. The MK Magnum was one of the earliest forms of easy to use 2-stoke gas powered boats. It’s simple V-hull design was based off of Aeromarine’s most sucessful boat of the day and added a powerhouse of a 2-stroke gas engine to the mix to make the Magnum, in our own words, “…one of the fastest – if not the fastest boat in its class”.


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These days scale builds are all the rage, but let’s be honest, narrowed down to a pretty specific area of our hobby. All you have to do is look at Readers’ Rides and you’ll begin to notice that 99% of the projects people are doing these days are some sort of trail rig that’s detailed to the nth degree. Well back in the early 90s people built projects just as often and over a huge variety of platforms but it was Steve Ibershof’s ’27 T Bucket that really stood out from the herd of monster trucks and hot rods that people were building. This ground up built beauty sits on a handmade chassis and is finished off with a Monogram model body and a Parma Hemi engine kit… one of the most sought after scale builder parts to this day!


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