Throwback Thursday, April 2008: Kyosho and OFNA Face Off, We Test the B44, and Swauger Speaks

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For this week’s Throwback, we’re setting the Wayback Machine less far back than usual for a trip to 2008 and our April issue. Back then, Katy Perry was kissing a girl (spoiler, she liked it), Christian Bale was doing right by the dark knight in Batman Begins, and Lost was still two years away from making you want to punch your TV. On the cover, we have two cars vying for attention in what would become known as the “GT” class: Kyosho’s Inferno GT in beautiful Jaguar lexan, and OFNA’s Ultra GTP II dressed as a pretty-good looking Porsche.

Click the pics to embiggen.


Just the way it looked when you slipped it out of the mailbox. So glossy…



We put the K-car and OFNA up against each other, “Head 2 Head” style. Sigh, if only all on-road racing cars looked this good…



It’s easy to see the big-buggy roots of both cars with the bodies off. It’s hard to beat Inferno cred when it comes to 1/8 scale, no matter what surface you’re running on. Kyosho still offers killer GT cars.



That OFNA sure looks tough with its dark-anodized chassis. Note the fashionable pivot-ball front suspension.



Ah yes, the B44. A-Team guys had run Yokomos, Durangos, and JConcepts cars in the 4WD class before, but now Associated finally had a four-wheeler of its own. Tebo won the IFMAR Worlds in 2007 with the car, so yeah, it worked pretty good. Here’s what it looks like today.



Our “Pro-File” star was Mike Swauger, one of on-road racing’s greats–and just a great guy, period.



Mighty Mike’s Mugen, a very tough car and driver to beat. We were still racing with FM radio gear back then.


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