Part 3: Tamiya XV-01 Lancia Delta Integrale Build

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The Tamiya XV-01 Lancia Delta Integrale build is nearing completion. Here are links to Part 1 and Part 2 in case you missed ‘em–otherwise, on we go…


IMG_0022 (2)

We left off with the steering rack installation, now the rest of the front suspension gets installed. Not visible: the plastic balls that cap the hingepins and fit into sockets in the arm mounts, allowing the hingepins’ angle to change when shims are installed under the mounts. Note that the steering kingpins double as camber link locations.


IMG_0023 (2)


Next, the front transmission and motor assembly drops into place. There was just enough room under the low-profile shock tower to snake the motor wires beneath it.



The final step for the front end is the installation of the bumper mount, shown here beneath a ghosted image of the front bumper. The instructions don’t call for the foam yet, but I couldn’t resist slipping it over the posts.



On to the rear suspension, which assembles just like the front. The two screws next to the battery box secure caps that hold nuts within sockets underneath.



After slipping the drive belt over the pulleys, the rear gearbox drops into place.



Here’s the chassis so far. The belt will be hidden under a cover.


IMG_0053 copy

On to the shocks. Standard Tamiya stuff here, with the shortest versions of their plastic CVA dampers. The shocks build quickly; snipping all the parts off their trees takes longer than actually putting them together.


IMG_0060 copy

As is often the case with Tamiya cars, the outboard wheel bearings don’t get installed until late in the build. In the case of the XV-01, the rear 5x10mm bearings are sleeved to fit in the rear hub carriers.


We’re in the home stretch! Part 4 should wrap this build up.

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  1. Chris Goris says:

    I love this kit, It’s old school kit-building with unbelievable handling when your done. ! Are you installing the slipper clutch?

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