Throwback Thursday: September 1988

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September of 1988 was a time of exciting things. NASA relaunched the space shuttle program after grounding it in the wake of the Challenger disaster, Guns ‘N Roses released their epic Appetite for Destruction and as we prepare to welcome in 2014 with the Winter Olympics, September 88 saw the closing of the Summer Games in Seoul, South Korea. For RC Car Action it was an issue like no other. While there were still plenty going for you off-roaders with the engineering marvel, the Tamiya Avante, this issue was for all of you who like to go fast and turn left and know that running in the marbles is sometimes the fastest line there is. This was our Dirt Oval Special Issue packed full of conversions, reviews, tech and more. For your viewing pleasure this Throwback Thursday we are going to give you just a taste of all things DO with a race report from the JG Dirt Oval Championship, an overview of Dirt Oval racing and a bonus Dirt Oval Buyer’s Guide packed full of sprint car conversions and latemodels alike. Happy Holidays everyone and as always enjoy our Throwback Thursday!


Can you imagine a day where dirt oval was so big that you had a minimum of a half a dozen “National” level events?! While dirt oval racers today still have a couple of large national level events that draw hundreds of entries, these days are considered by all to be the golden days of oval. RC Car Action was on the scene at Pomona, CA’s Ranch Pit Shop… yes THAT Ranch Pit Shop for the JG Dirt Oval Championship. Hundreds upon hundreds of sprint cars and side-dammed latemodels took to RPS’s pristine oval for some of the years hottest sideways action!


We didn’t forget about off-road however. In fact we brought you our track report on Tamiya’s all new Avante 4WD buggy. To this day the Avante is one of Tamiya’s most celebrated cars spawning a pair of reduxes in the plastic tubbed Vanquish and the refined Egress of which Tamiya’s latest rerelease will be gracing the pages of our March 2013 issue! Two offshoot models and a set of rereleases to match in 2001 and 2011, the Avante will forever go down in RC history as one of the coolest cars of all time.


Did you know that dirt oval started with off-road racers that were converted? In the 80s everything from Team Associated RC10s and Kyosho Optimas were used to build left turn only dirt slingers capable of never before seen track speeds. With so much on tap and so many options to choose from, we felt it would be best to give everyone a broad stroke view of dirt oval racing. Everything from class types to setup tech, our DO Overview was the introduction for many (this editor included) into this exciting segment. With such an awesome issue all wrapped up we put an extra pretty bow on top with our Dirt Oval Buyer’s Guide. The DOBG (if you will) was packed full of everything dirt oval to get you building and racing in no time.





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