HPI Revamps the Build-It-Yourself Baja 5B SS

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HPI has updated the “SS” kit version of the class-leading Baja 5B 1/5 scale gas-burning buggy for 2014, and the new specs are welcome improvements to an already-proven formula. Here’s a sampling of the new tweaks; for a complete list, see the Baja 5B SS page in our Hot News & New Stuff forum.



The 5B’s classic silhouette is unchanged–all the changes are inside. If you’re not familiar with how big a 1/5 scale car is, the answer is “big:” just under three feet long (32″ to be precise).



Beefier ‘bones are part of the new SS package, along with equally heavy-duty diff shafts and axles.



The kit’s Fuelie 26S 26cc engine displaces an extra 3cc over the RTR’s engine to deliver more power. If you’re new to RC and just learned that “gas” cars burn nitro fuel, not gasoline, then recalibrate your brain because the 5B really is a gas-as-in-gasoline car. Like a weed wacker (or a 2-stroke MX bike), you mix oil with regular pump gasoline to power this beast.



This beautiful aluminum pipe is standard, and the new header is steel for greater durability.



The diff case is aluminum to cope with the SS kit’s stronger engine.



Since a 1/5 scale-suitable servo isn’t something most of us have in the ol’ electronics stash, HPI includes one with the SS. As you can see, it’s a metal-gear unit, large and in charge (look at the size of the plug compared to the servo itself).


Front hubs

The front wheel hubs feature a new, stronger design that does not use e-clips. Know who likes e-clips? Nobody.



The VVC (Valve Variable Control) shocks are all aluminum, of course. And beautiful…






Looks hot, do want. Fingers crossed for a review of this bad boy, with an “online build” to show off how it goes together…stay tuned.



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