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New RC Land Speed Record – Nic Case hits 184 MPH!

New RC Land Speed Record – Nic Case hits 184 MPH!

Faster than a speeding bullet…actually, it IS a speeding bullet! Powered by more brushless and LiPo horsepower than what’s probably in your entire collection of RC cars put together, Nic Case drove the latest version of his record-breaking streamliner to 184 mph, inching closer to the magical mark of 200 mph, and captured the whole run on video. Don’t blink – you might miss it!

Hobbico ARA Nero BLX 600x120
Updated: December 5, 2013 — 11:47 AM


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  1. Not Impressed. Lets See Him Go Out There With One Brushed Motor And No Financial backing Or Sponsorship Deal And See What He Can Do.

  2. what scale is the car

  3. Obviously projects like this require a team of talented individuals. But I guess you are right. We need to see what he can do with a single brushed motor before endorsing this so-called bullet RC. Enjoying other’s successes is so trivial. Meh

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