Throwback Thursday: December 1994

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This week’s Throwback comes on the heels of the end of yet another spectacular season of F1 racing  with Sebastian Vettel winning another championship. It was in December of 1994, a time that many of us in the US consider the end of “Racing Season” that we put behind us forever the death of one of F1′s greatest, Ayrton Senna, and crowned a first time champion in Michael Schumacher… the only two men to have captured more pole positions than Vettel. For us here at RCCA, December of 1994 brought our F1 Fever feature which took you behind the scenes of parking lot racing, setup and much more in one of this hobby’s more unique types of vehicles. We also showed you the all new Traxxas Nitro Buggy, a 1/10 nitro powered 2WD vehicle with the heart of a champion and introduced you to the setup and building mind of RC Legend Joel Johnson. As this issue hit newstands, American Online (AOL) launched an all new way to surf the internet, one that we can all be thankful for today because without it you most likely may not be reading RC Car Action the way you are right now. So let’s forget how impossible it was that time you tried to cancel your AOL service and enjoy some old school RC… F1 style!



The Traxxas Nitro Buggy was a 1/10 2WD buggy that underneath it’s rollcage body, was basically a Nitro Hawk stadium truck. By proportioning the body and cage to the longer suspension arms, Traxxas was able to pull of a buggy that looked pretty cool and was certainly unique even by today’s standards.



F1 Fever kicked off 14 pages of everything open wheel with a look at a new crazy that was sweeping the US, parking lot racing. Getting your car setup for parking lot racing obviously covers setup but for F1 we’re also talking detailing and making your car look scale. We took a look at HPI’s all new SS F1 chassis as well as some one off hop-ups they were making, talked setup and aerodynamics and even gave readers a look at the budding new Tamiya Championship Series. We showed readers how to make their own cap tires gave them the Top 10 F1 Mods and showed them how to build better diffs. Finish that off with a look at Tamiya’s F101, 102 and 103 platforms and you should definitely have the fever by now! PHEW!


Last but not least Dec 94 RCCA put you pitside with multi-time World Champion Joel “Magic” Johnson for a little one on one build time. Joel used his championship winning Trinity EV10ss as the example for some of the speed secrets he uses every time he builds a car. Ever wonder what the pros do differently? This is the article for you!


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2 Responses to “Throwback Thursday: December 1994”

  1. Boyd ferry says:

    I really don’t understand why oval racing died the way it did I miss it to this day :( veladrome racing would be real fun with today’s battery’s

    • Erich Reichert says:

      I’m with ya Boyd! I never got to run at the Velodrome back in the day but I can only imagine how amazing it’d be now. I know they do still run on it from time to time but from what I hear it’s fallen into some ill-repair and is more bumpy now. Honestly I think the whole touring car craze of the late 90s/early 2Ks is what killed oval. Add that to offroad expanding drastically around that time and you have the perfect storm to kill off a great class.

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