Throwback Thursday: August 1991

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August 1991 ahh.. the endless summer. While I was at home on summer break tearing up my unsuspecting parents’ backyard for my new RC track, Tim Berners-Lee introduced us all to the World Wide Web with its very first website “” and the Soviet Union, and for the larger part communism, fell and a new world was born. While it was a month that kicked off a lot of firsts for the world at large, it also did so in our hobby. Here at RCCA we gave you a glimpse at the very first production stadium truck. Hot off its first victory at the Winter Champs in Florida, Team Associated sent us their prototype RC10ST later to be known to the world as the RC10T. We also also showed you one of the most amazing monster truck builds ever the Primadona Clod complete with hydraulic lift body and realistic Hemi engine. A Mopar motor in a Bowtie? Only in the 90s!




Up to this point monster truck racing or “Heavy Metal” as it was commonly known consisted of 2wd buggies that racers added conversion kit onto in order to run larger tires and truck bodies. The RC10ST was to become the very first production stadium truck and spark one of the most popular racing segments in this hobby.



Oh ya, the RC10ST rocked Cliff Lett’s famous red, white and blue paint scheme but added some very 90s cow spots for good measure. The truck also came with a second set of front wheels that were narrower than what we would consider normal truck tires. These helped Cliff and the RC10ST turn more sharply but were later outlawed from racing. Proof positive of Team Associated’s engineering and inventive prowess.



This amazing Clod came to us from Steve Levine in Flushing, NY and to date is one of the most amazing trucks we’ve ever seen.



Along with hydraulically lifted independent body parts, the Primadona Clod also featured twin cobalt pulling motors from Astroflight, engine sounds from RAm, a Parma 426 Hemi engine for detail and a metric ton of polished and chrome aluminum. This thing was bling before bling was a thing!


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  1. Scott says:

    I’d forgotten about the “cow” paint job on the original RC10T. Thanks for the memories.

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