Axial Wraith Online Build Part 2

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Right! Let’s get started. Step 1 is usually a good place to begin.


Looks pretty easy…  Like any good manual, the Wraith book features full-size hardware drawings on each page. There are call-outs for the available option parts as you go, but I’ll be building my truck stock.



Slip the diff locker into the diff case, cover it up with the ring gear and fiber washer (already installed on the gear in the middle shot), then assemble the pinion. An e-clip secures the pinion to its shaft, and yes, I did fire one across the room on my first attempt at snapping it on.



Oooh, axles. Note the diagram that shows which way to orient the ring gears. I’ll probably screw this up anyway.



The axle housings are serious hunks of plastic and represent very ingenious tooling. Ordinarily, a form such as this would be designed as two pieces that assemble clamshell-style, but Axial molds the axle as one piece. Very nice. As you can see, the ring gear assembly (can’t call it a diff, since there’s no differential in there) is held in the axle by caps that fit over the bearings, just like a full-size solid axle. Don’t forget to slide the pinion into the axle before installing the ring gear.



Step 3! Moving right along!



The axles are identical and don’t actually become “front” and “rear” until you install the axle ends.  The parts fit over splines on the axle tips and are each secured by two screws. In the case of the C-hubs, slotted holes allow the hubs to be installed vertically, or angled back to provide caster (which is how the manual indicates they should be installed).



Here’s the assembled axle with universal joint and steering arms installed. Note that the kingpins are inclined to reduce scrub radius.



And here are the front and rear axles completed through step 4. More to come!



Axial, Peter Vieira

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