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As a test bed for Novak’s new do-it-all Crusher power system, I’m building a do-it-all truck: the Axial Wraith. I’ve been wanting to put one of my own together for quite a while, and I’m happy to finally be digging in. Let’s get started…or JUMP TO PART 2 if you’ve already read this installment.


The box. Cardboard, rectangular, you’ve seen this type of thing before. Slicing through “factory sealed” stickers and…



…there it is, the Axial Wraith in all its poly-bagged glory. Opening a kit box is like opening a present that’s full of more presents. fist-pump




This shot doesn’t show every one of the Wraith’s plastic parts (the tire inserts aren’t shown either), but here’s most of ‘em. Can’t wait…



And of course, the parts bags. Bonus, I see a pair of Axial gate markers in there. Nice!

With the kit contents suitably shown off, let the build commence! Regular updates to come…



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3 Responses to “Axial Wraith Online Build”

  1. Steve Comer says:

    For a slight increase of articulation, put the lower shock mounts on upside down and the bar for the rear upper shock mounts facing up. Angling the front shock uppers toward the furthest back holes also helps. I gained about 2″ of angle capability just doing that.

  2. Drew Scholes says:

    I’ve never built a kit but want to. I’m so excited to get your masterful instruction. I’m not worthy I’m not worthy, :-)

  3. Aaron Darling says:

    Very cool, what do you have planned for this beast?

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