Throwback Thursday: December 1999

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December, 1999–would a binary-code blowout cause the collapse of modern society? The “Y2K bug” had us all worried, but alas, nothing happened. Here at RCCA, we thought the calendar’s impending flip to triple-zeroes was a good opportunity for a look back at “The Century of RC,” in an article which you can see here in its entirety (you’re welcome). We also built four “project” machines for this issue, two of which are featured here–the “Cheap Speed” Bolink Econo-Rail, and “True Blue” Bolink Clodbuster.




Old tether cars are pretty cool. Want to learn more about ‘em? Go here. Great stuff from Gene Hustings, too–he’s one of our RC Hall of Famers.



Oh yes, the brown-box Futaba. A pistol grip would come later.



RC is heating up now…the RC10 is winning races, Losi comes out swinging, and hello Clod Buster…



Hard to believe the Yokomo Dogfighter was ever cutting edge, but it was–mega-trailing-arms and all. And it worked, as the Worlds title attests.



Wow…a lot has changed in the 15 years since this article!


Bolink   Clod

We always enjoy building project cars. If you’re digging these, you can still get trick Clod chassis from ESP, and Bolink’s Econo Rail lives on as RJ Speed‘s 24″ dragster kit.


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