Turning Heads! Easy driver-figure animation

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Kyosho’s Rage VE features a molded-in driver figure with a separate helmet that’s ripe for head-turning action. All it takes is a spare servo and a little mechanical creativity.


In the case of the Rage, the headrest proved to be perfectly sized for a micro servo, and a collection of hardware and linkages from the spare parts bin took care of the rest. For this installation, the linkage is on the right side of the head pivot and the left side of the servo’s output shaft so the driver “looks” in the proper direction relative to the front wheels.¬†Note the shock piston used as a spacer–whatever works!



A Y-harness allows the “head servo” and steering servo to be plugged into the same channel. If you have a receiver with dual channel-1 inputs, you can skip the Y-harness. When the steering wheel is turned, the driver turns his head too.

Here’s a quick video that shows the finished project:


And you old timers may recall this guy…

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4 Responses to “Turning Heads! Easy driver-figure animation”

  1. Dan LaRoche says:

    Hey Pete I’m a 63 yr old newby TO R/C and am building 2 cars one brushed and the other brushless but I’m not good with electronics yet and don’t know how to tell which esc/motor would be the right combo
    Is there a site to go to and ask questions?
    yhanks for your help…………….Dan

  2. Jeremy Drey says:

    Still got my old Turbo Hopper! Its in very bad shape but still gets a place on the shelf as my first RC! Right beside my Rustler that was my first hobbygrade.

  3. Roger Salazar says:

    Wondering if you may post a parts list of the objects needed to make this work. Much is appreciated. Thanks!

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