THROWBACK THURSDAY: March ’96 HiRider II monster-Vette, Kinwald’s Double-Xs, more!

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It’s 1996, but based on this cover, RCCA was still lookin’ as rad as the 80s. Kyosho’s HiRider II tore it up on the cover, mechanical speed control and all, and we had an expose on the then-new Team Losi Double-X and XT as raced by Brian Kinwald.  Plus Robot Wars! Enjoy blasting to the past, and as always, click for enlargification…



Run Longer? Go Faster? Improve Performance? We’re still writing about those things today–because everyone, everywhere, always wants to do exactly that! Will Robots Rule R/C?–What could that be about?



Jim Newman was our Pit Tips author and artist, and he was the real thing–a legit ink-and-paper artist from the old school. When he sent his illustrations in, they were on little scraps of slick paper, drawn barely larger than the size of the images as they appeared in RCCA. A great guy and a real pro.



Readers’ Rides has always been a staple of RCCA. In this edition, we’ve got a Tamiya TA-02 Mercedes, HPI Street Machine (anybody remember this one? It was a pan car!), Team Losi Junior 2, and an MRC MT-10S. The MRC vehicles were actually Academy models, and pretty good play cars. MRC still sells Academy static plastic models, which are excellent.



The HiRider II took the hot-rod ‘Vette shell of the original HiRider and parked it above (way, way above) a 2WD buggy chassis to create a highly memorable monster that was a first truck for a lot of you–or maybe you just stared at this article, dreaming about one.



Oh yes, the Losi Double-X and XT of racing’s hottest driver, Brian Kinwald. Back in 1996, the Double-X and XT were setting the world on fire, and were the first real leap in buggy tech since the RC10. The Double-X transmission actually debuted before the car itself, and was a hot upgrade for the Pro SE and LX-T. But when the complete XX and XX-T hit tracks, look out–you had to have one.



Before Robot Wars blew up on TV, RCCA covered the action in this article. The robot in the upper right corner is actually Robocop 2 from the movie of the same name.


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2 Responses to “THROWBACK THURSDAY: March ’96 HiRider II monster-Vette, Kinwald’s Double-Xs, more!”

  1. Jason Haggerty says:

    Oh yeah still rockin’ my MRC MT10M. That was the 2wd monster truck. Best basher I’ve ever had. I bought it back summer of ’96. It’s a shame they never really took off.

  2. Mike says:

    March 96 was the first issue of RCCA I ever bought. Still have it too!

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