ZAP hopes to change the way you glue tires

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Tire glues have traditionally been “thin” cyanoacrylates (CAs) that rely on their water-like consistency to wick between tire and rim to provide a tight bond. This also makes them prone to running across tire sidewalls and rims, marring their finish, or worse, gluing your fingers to the tire, the tire to your workbench, or both. ZAP‘s new “rubber toughened” glue is applied from a tube in gel form rather than a thin liquid, and the unique “No-Drip Tip” design even sucks back extra glue flow after each application. It’s literally pretty neat. We’ll try the stuff out when we get some and let you know how it works–with ZAP’s rep in the glue biz (ask any RC plane builder), it should be good stuff.



Here’s the info from ZAP:

• Strong, permanent bond

• Excellent RC tire glue

• Perfect for high-vibration areas

• Works on just about everything

• Clear, thick formula

#PT-44   1 oz. ZAP-RT Rubber Toughened CA

ZAP-RT (Rubber Toughened) is our newest glue product, offered with our revolutionary, patented, No-Drip Tip. Formulated for numerous hobby and craft applications in RC Airplanes, Cars and Boats, wood, plastic, composites, rubber, etc.

ZAP-RT is extremely strong and flexible and is perhaps the very best RC Tire Glue on the market today. The clear formula will not mar chrome rims.



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