Throwback Thursday: RC Car Action Issue No. 1!

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As 1985 drew to a close, a new magazine appeared on newsstands everywhere: Radio Control Car Action! Dated “Winter 1986″ and aptly dubbed “The World’s Premier R/C Car Magazine,” RCCA no. 1′s cover featured the then-new Tamiya Bruiser, Futaba’s iconic Magnum Senior pistol-grip transmitter, and some kid (who is now about 40) sniffing a Tamiya Frog.



Associated’s RC10 was the hottest car on the track and revolutionizing off-road racing across the country. “The Ultimate Off-Road R/C Vehicle” indeed. Note the non-stock metal rear wing lifted from an 1/8 scale on-road car. The RC10 is soon to be re-released in limited numbers, act fast if you want one!


Kyosho was represented with the 1/8 scale Vanning, which looks like a bronze-age relic compared to modern nitro buggies. The Vanning’s twin-beam frame chassis and chain-drive would soon be eclipsed by the innovations of the Kyosho Burns, which set the template for all 1/8 buggies including today’s designs.


Ah, the Bruiser. Currently in re-release and avaiable for about $800, Tamiya’s landmark machine still represents the pinnacle of RC truck realism. It blew us away in 1985 with its manual 3-speed transmission, cast-aluminum axles, and leaf-spring suspension, and it still impresses today. See it on the Tamiya site here.

Other models reviewed in RCCA no. 1 include the Cox Gallop (actually a re-labeled Kyosho), Tamiya Hotshot, Mugen Bulldog, Circus Hobbies Super Wheelie, and Parma Euro Panther. To see the entire issue online, plus every issue since then, just sign up for Radio Control Car Action Premium. Click here to learn more!

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4 Responses to “Throwback Thursday: RC Car Action Issue No. 1!”

  1. Andrew Bobak says:

    Hi. I am ” That Kid ” on the cover, seriously, that’s me ! After seeing a race and then picking up the first edition magazine got me into the hobby. I purchased a Kyosho Optima after seeing the ad for it in the magazine, with my paper route money. It seemed like alot of money back then when I was 13. I still have that first edition volume 1, edition 1. Thanks !

    • Erich Reichert says:

      How cool is that! I like you got hooked as soon as I saw the first issue of RC Car Action. My parents took me to a hobby shop to buy my birthday present, a Tamiya Hornet, and I talked them into buying me the magazine too. Who knew someday it would be my job. Glad to see you’re still enjoying RCCA and the hobby after all these years Andrew!

  2. Dan stern says:

    Hi, I’ve been searching for the ’86 issues of RC Car Action particularly spring and summer in order to work on my Circus Hobbies Gator. So far no luck finding those old issues. Any suggestions would be most appreciated.
    Thanks, Dan

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