Muchmore Releases New Fleta ZX Brushless Motors

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Muchmore has joined the competitive brushless motor market with their new Fleta ZX lineup. These motors can be used for both on and off-road applications, and are available in a variety of motor winds. One of the best features of this new motor is that the rotor’s size is stamped into end of the motor shaft. This way you can easily identify what you have installed without having to tear the motor apart. Here is the full press release from Muchmore:

Muchmore Racing, the World Champions’ Racing Factory, is now providing serious onroad and off-road competitors with an even bigger edge: Fleta ZX brushless motors for 1/10 scale racing. They have all the features expected of top racing motors — and more. A sintered magnet and balanced rotor top the list — and the rotor size is stamped into the end of the motor shaft for easy reference. All motors also offer the heat-shedding properties of a precision-machined aluminum can, as well as oversized Air-Flow holes. Black anodizing and a tapering bevel provide durability and good looks in one.

Precision bearings ensure smoother driving, less wear and higher top-end speeds. Simple adjustment and a 0-45° timing range make it easy to fine-tune performance to specific tracks and conditions. Fleta ZX brushless motors are available in winds for competing in stock class touring (MMRC5007-5010) and modified touring (MMRC5001-5003), as well as 2WD/4WD buggy (MMRC5004-5006).

MMRC5001 MRFZX035 FLETA ZX 3.5T Brushless Motor. . . .$109.98
MMRC5002 MRFZX045 FLETA ZX 4.5T Brushless Motor. . . .$109.98
MMRC5003 MRFZX055 FLETA ZX 5.5T Brushless Motor. . . .$109.98
MMRC5004 MRFZX065 FLETA ZX 6.5T Brushless Motor. . . .$109.98
MMRC5005 MRFZX075 FLETA ZX 7.5T Brushless Motor. . . .$109.98
MMRC5006 MRFZX085 FLETA ZX 8.5T Brushless Motor. . . .$109.98
MMRC5007 MRFZX105 FLETA ZX 10.5T Brushless Motor. . .$109.98
MMRC5008 MRFZX135 FLETA ZX 13.5T Brushless Motor. . .$109.98
MMRC5009 MRFZX175 FLETA ZX 17.5T Brushless Motor. . .$109.98
MMRC5010 MRFZX215 FLETA ZX 21.5T Brushless Motor. . .$109.98

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