Traxxas announces new 5-amp NiMH charger

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Traxxas just added a new charger to the EZ-Peak line, a 5-amp model that’ll juice up just about any NiCd or NiMH pack and even has a USB port. Here’s are the details direct from

The new Traxxas EZ-Peak™ 5amp NiMH charger packs more power for faster charging, which results in less downtime and more runtime. At 50 Watts, the EZ-Peak 5amp NiMH charger packs more power than standard 40 Watt chargers delivering 25% more power and 20% faster charging. Simple push button operation with selectable charge rates make it easy to charge Traxxas Power Cell™ NiMH batteries, 5-cell receiver packs, and 4-8 cell NiCad and NiMH packs.The EZ-Peak™ 5amp is backed by the Traxxas Lifetime Electronics Warranty for years of reliable service.

Convenient USB Charging
A convenient USB port is perfect for charging mobile electronics and it is compatible with the USB-powered chargers for the DR-1 and QR-1 helicopters. The 5V/1A USB port is on an independent circuit, so you can charge your mobile electronics and batteries simultaneously.

Integrated RX Charging Port
The EZ-Peak™ 5amp NiMH charger is equipped with an integrated RX charging port for charging 4-5 cell receiver packs.

Charge Status LEDs
The color coded charge status LEDs indicate charging progress for foolproof charging, peak performance, and maximum run time.

AC/DC Power Source
The EZ-Peak™ 5amp NiMH charger is equipped for both AC and DC power, allowing you to charge your Power Cell battery packs almost anywhere.

High-Current Connector
The EZ-Peak 5amp charger is equipped with a Traxxas High-Current Connector for use with all Traxxas NiMH Power Cell packs and all NiCad and NiMH battery packs equipped with Traxxas connectors.






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