Adjust Your Car’s Setup Like A Pro

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When you are adjusting your car’s suspension, camber, toe, etc. a flat working surface is key. Sometimes you will see drivers use mounted tires, but if they have any wear to them or have been installed improperly this can throw off your adjustments. Some elect to use unmounted wheels, but that doesn’t work for setup adjustments like ride height. This new system from DE Racing appears to solve all of these common problems, plus with the proper adapters you can use it with a variety of vehicles. We first spotted this new setup system back in March and today it is officially released it to the public. Here is the press release from DE Racing:

Introducing the new gold standard in accurate radio control car setup, the DE Racing Setup System. Basic features include a smooth flat surface for interface with measurement tools, several interchangeable adapter hubs to facilitate use with almost any model, and two wheel diameters that match those of tires, aiding in setting model ride height. Though some of these “basic” features are somewhat revolutionary themselves, another creates a new benchmark in the field. We call it “roll to set”. Designed as the foundation of this system, “roll to set” describes the proper use of our setup wheels and defines what truly makes it different. Simply drop the car from about six inches onto a smooth flat surface, roll the car a few inches forward, and check the results. This process uses the geometry of the car against the grip of the rubber tire to lock the wheels into a proper position for checking camber and toe. Sounds simple, but without this process, measuring wheel alignment can only be close at best on a car in perfect condition. Add more wear and it only gets worse. Only DE Racing’s setup system allows you to correct for model wear, resulting in consistent tuning new to old.


  • Smooth flat face to accurately set camber and toe
  • Wheel diameters match those of tires for setting ride height
  • Unique “roll to set” feature
  • Adapter hubs for use on most current and future models
  • Small size and rugged build for convenient pit bag transport
  • Proudly Made in the U.S.A.

Part Numbers:

DER-SS-LW Large Wheels for 1/8 Buggy / Truggy and Short Course
DER-SS-SM Small Wheels for 1/10 Buggy / Stadium Truck
DER-SS-10 Adapters for 10mm Hex
DER-SS-12S Adapters for 12mm Hex / Short Axle
DER-SS-12L Adapters for 12mm Hex / Long Axle
DER-SS-14S Adapters for 14mm Hex / Short Axle
DER-SS-14L Adapters for 14mm Hex / Long Axle
DER-SS-15 Adapters for 15mm Hex
DER-SS-17 Adapters for 17mm Hex
DER-SS-M Adapters for 5mm Axles
DER-SS-P Adapters for Pin Drive
DER-SS-S Adapters for 3/16″ Axles


Large Wheels $19.95
Small Wheels $17.95
Adapters $6.95

DE Racing setup chart

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