RCXclusive! Associated Brings Back the Original RC10

Jun 04, 2013 7 Comments by


You saw the teaser ads in RC Car Action, now the truth can be told: Associated is bringing back the original, history-making gold-tub RC10!

The limited-edition RC10 Classic kit will be a faithful reproduction of the buggy that turned the racing world upside down and went on to win the first-ever IFMAR Off-Road Worlds. Associated is displaying a built-up vintage RC10 as well as a replica of Jammin’ Jay Halsey’s Worlds-winning buggy. The actual reproduction car will feature a few tweaks  (such as revised battery-box specs for LiPo power) to make it a fully dirt-worthy model, so buy two–one to display, one to drive!

The limited edition RC10 will be available this Summer. Our advice? Pre-order.


This original RC10 ad is genuinely iconic. Has there ever been a better-looking buggy?


This RC10 is built up of actual vintage parts, but represents the authenticity the reproduction model will offer.


This RC10 is a replica of Jammin’ Jay Halsey’s IFMAR World’s winner. You can be this will be a [popular paint job for repro RC10 builders!




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7 Responses to “RCXclusive! Associated Brings Back the Original RC10”

  1. James Knight says:

    Great news, thank you AE.

  2. Kurt Wenger says:

    How many will they make?

  3. BigWrenn says:


  4. Steve Brenner says:

    I still have my original RC10 CE, gold tub and all. I think the re release is a great idea.

  5. Q stillwell says:

    It will be great to have for bracket racing. Just buy some battery’s and go have fun

  6. Brett says:

    That Rocks!!

  7. Chris Lockhart says:

    Stealth tranny or six gear?

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