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RCX Readers’ Ride: Jennifer Catano’s KITT

RCX Readers’ Ride: Jennifer Catano’s KITT


This mind-blowing KITT replica was on display at RCX and could easily be mistaken for an actual screen-used vehicle (From Knight Rider, of course). It doesn’t take too much to make a Trans Am into a KITT exterior-wise, but what makes Jennifer’s car astounding is the full interior, which is…well, just look at it! This KITT isn’t done yet though. Jennifer is converting the car to have functional Super Pursuit Mode features. For a little more about Knight Rider from The Hoff himself and the rest of the folks who made Knight Rider a monster hit in the 80s, hit Turbo Boost!





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Updated: June 3, 2013 — 7:25 PM

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  1. That’s all you should do right now , you made everything for K.I.T.T ..

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