JConcepts Aluminum Timing Cover

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JConcepts’ new aluminum timing cover is designed to dissipate heat away from Reedy Sonic motors, and also help hold the sensor wire in place. Here is the full press release:

Heat is an enemy when it comes to high-performance in electric motors. The Reedy line of Sonic motors have been a quick hit on and off the race track and have been quickly established as a force in both stock and modified racing. JConcepts introduces an all new aluminum timing cover accessory for the iconic brand motor. The aluminum acts as an additional heat sink transferring heat to an additional surface spreading the heat out over more area. The timing cover also has increased depth which allows more sensor wire plug protection in the event of a crash or collision.

The JConcepts aluminum timing cover is CNC machined, available in blue and black colors and includes upgraded hardware for installation. In addition, each cover also includes a molded sensor wire holder and hardware. The wire holder routes wires in the up position which decreases possible wire snags or drop-outs which lead to unfinished races. When it comes to high-end looks, added performance and increased durability, JConcepts has you covered with the aluminum timing cover.


  • JConcepts design, features and construction
  • CNC machined aluminum
  • Upgraded hardware for security
  • Available in blue and black colors
  • Increased depth for sensor plug protection
  • Includes molded sensor wire holder

JConcepts – Reedy Sonic motor aluminum timing cover w/sensor wire protector – blue
Part # – 2192-1
Retail price – $30.00
(fits Reedy Sonic motors)

JConcepts – Reedy Sonic motor aluminum timing cover w/sensor wire protector – black
Part # – 2192-2
Retail price – $30.00
(fits Reedy Sonic motors)

Gallery > JConcepts Reedy Sonic Motor Aluminum Timing Cover & Sensor Wire Protector


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