Interview with Wayne Carini from Chasing Classic Cars

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No matter what kind of model-car guy you are—whether you’re into radio control, slot racing, building plastic models, or die-cast collecting—chances are your dream-job would be something that combines forty hours a week with four wheels. Wayne Carini is one of those fortunate folks who has found a way to turn his passion – in this case, a love of classic automobiles – into his living. From the old Model A Fords that he and his dad wrenched when he was just starting out, to the world-class restorations that have rolled out of his Connecticut headquarters, every car has meant something wonderful to this gifted mechanic, historian, and “road scholar”. That deep connection with all things automotive has made him one of the world’s leading classic car experts, as well as the star of a hit reality series on the Velocity Channel.
Wayne was gracious enough to invite us to his Portland, CT showroom to spend some time talking about growing up around cars both big and small – and how his television show, “Chasing Classic Cars”, is just the latest chapter in a story that’s still being told. Enjoy!
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