KO Propo ICS-USB Adapter And EX-1 KIY Version 2

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KO Propo has released a high speed USB adapter and updated software for their popular EX-1 KIY radio system. Check out more in the press release below:

ICS-USB Adapter HS (High Speed)

USB communication interface for ICS products with communication speeds up to 1.25Mbps. Current ICS software will work with this new adapter. Designed for higher speed with the EX-1 K.I.Y. system.


  • Size: 52 (including connector) x 15 x 9 mm
  • Weight: 6.0g
  • OS: USB 1.1 / 2.0 USB support
  • Windows XP or later
  • Baud rate: 300bps~1.25Mbps (TTL level)
  • Supply voltage: 5V (depending on the connected PC)

Product Contents:

  • ICS USB adapter
  • All connecting wires
  • Black and white (2 wire) extension wire (length: 400mm)
  • Black, red and white (3 wire) connection wire male/male (length: 100mm)
  • Black, red and white (3 wire) connection wire male/female
  • “Y” harness extension wire
  • Mini-Z MR-03 connection wire

Part No.61028

10520 1

EX-1 KIY Version 2

  • Version 2 is a software improvement for response and linear feeling.
  • Conventional response increased 5%. Transition from moving the steering back/forth quickly and small movements have been improved.
  • Motion feeling has been enhanced. Improvement for human interface for a more natural feeling but still maintaining a faster feeling.
  • Version 2 Master Units (FHSS & ASF) are compatible with current Grip and Steering Units.
  • External plastic case is the same as previous version, just software and PC board has been changed.
  • Current customers with Version 1 will be able to send in their Master Units for a PC board change to the Version 2 at a later date once the boards are available.

Master Unit EX-1 FHSS Ver.2 (+KR-411FH) Part No.10520
Master Unit EX-1 ASF Ver.2 (for Mini-Z only) Part No.10522
EX-1 KIY 2.4GHz FHSS Set Ver.2 (Tx/Rx) Part No.80519
EX-1 KIY ASF Set Ver.2 (for Mini-Z only) Part N0.80521

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2 Responses to “KO Propo ICS-USB Adapter And EX-1 KIY Version 2”

  1. Abdul Hadi Ismail says:

    Do version 1 owner need to pay for the upgrade?

  2. Trevor "Chilly" Duncan says:

    Yes, I would assume so.

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