DHK Hobby Optimus 4×4

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Evolution is a great thing; in just a matter of decades, we’ve seen the fastest racecars in RC improve by leaps and bounds to a level of performance that was once completely unimaginable. The same can be said for basic entry-level buggies and trucks that introduce incoming enthusiasts to the hobby; budget products are no longer judged by their ability to function, but rather by how much excitement they bring to the table, as well as the completeness of the overall package. It’s not enough for a basic RTR to simply complete a lap around the backyard at a leisurely pace after buying the support items necessary for it to function; we now live in a hobby world where the mere notion of walking out of the hobby store with more items than you can hold is as absurd as the idea of an unsliced loaf of bread. Today’s hobbyists want their cars prebuilt with the required commodities and a healthy dose of excitement all wrapped in the same box, and they want it at a reasonable price. That’s where Hobby People’s new lineup of DHK Hobby cars and trucks, like this Optimus buggy, come in to play.


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