Spotted: Prototype Tekin Pro4 HD Brushless Motor

Jan 17, 2013 7 Comments by

It looks like Tekin has a new motor in the works.  Here is a spy shot of their new HD motor being tested last night by team drivers Randy Pike and Ryan Lutz. As you can see it is a sensored motor rated at 4300kv and is very similar looking to their Pro4 line of motors that are available now.  We’ll provide more details as they become available on this exciting new product.

Tekin Pro4 HD Motor

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7 Responses to “Spotted: Prototype Tekin Pro4 HD Brushless Motor”

  1. Shaun says:

    It’s a Pro 4 550 can size. This is old news tbh. Also, Pro 2 motor seen along with it.

  2. Me says:

    Pro soldering!!!

  3. rasmanz says:

    Yeah, that solder job is not ideal either lol Does anyone know how to solder???

  4. Nick says:

    If its a 550 Pro4 then how is that ROAR legal? As far as I know only 2 pole 550′s are allowed. And if its a 550 Pro4 then wouldn’t that be a T8?

  5. spy2jgc says:

    Following in the footsteps of the Tenshock SC411 550 Sensord motor… at double the cost… finally. It’s been blowing away the Pro4… I guess Tekin finally realized there is a market for a NON ROAR legal 550 4 pole Sensored motor.

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