Panther Orange Closed Cell Foam For 1/10 Buggy Tires

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Panther announces that they now offer closed cell foam for 1/10 buggy tires like 2WD front/rear and 4WD front. Check out the press release below for more info:

New for 2013 Panther Tires is excited to release our latest product, Orange Closed Cell Foam for 1/10 buggy tires. This new insert is precision cut with contoured channels that allow more flex in the insert providing more stability, consistency and faster lap times. The channels are reduced near the sidewalls to keep the sidewall stability to provide more balanced handling. Foams are a major tuning option and should never be overlooked when trying to reach the fastest laps at the race track.

F720 – 1/10 Closed Cell 2wd Buggy Front tire insert – $9.50
F725 – 1/10 Closed Cell 4wd Buggy Front tire insert – $9.50
F750 – 1/10 Closed Cell Buggy Rear tire insert – $9.50

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