X Factory X – 60CF Stadium Truck Conversion Kit

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Team drivers have been running this conversion kit for a while now as we reported earlier, but now this new kit has been officially released to the public. Check out the press release below for all the details:

X Factory proudly announces release of the new X – 60CF stadium truck, an all carbon fiber Conversion Kit which transforms an AE T4.1 or T4 into a mid-motor X – 60CF. A second Kit is also available to convert an existing X – 60 to the new carbon fiber version. Both Kits are available now from fine hobby stores and the X Factory web store. www.XFactoryStore.com

The new X – 60CF has been seen testing at races all over the United States for three months now, and Team drivers love it. Cris Cristo, from Massachusetts, debuted his X – 60CF at the J Concepts race at R/C Excitement and reported, “The new truck jumps better than the original molded chassis version, and the slim design means it rolls less in the corners.” Team driver Alex Krieg drove the first X – 60CF at the R.O.A.R. Nationals in Los Angeles, and reports, “The new truck is better in all respects. Easy to work on, tough and durable.”

Chief Engineer Paul Sinclair commented, “As with all X Factory cars, the new X – 60CF is designed to make driving fast easier, and it’s even faster than the original molded chassis truck. Speedy Dad’s unique top deck design has been transferred over from the SCX – 60CF short course truck to the new truck, and that allows lots of tuning options to adjust chassis flex.”

Both X – 60CF Kits are complete with everything needed to convert the T4.1 or T4 to the new mid-motor truck or to convert the X – 60 to carbon fiber. The conversion for the AE truck includes the great J Concepts-designed and supplied body. The Kit to convert an X – 60 is the lowest price Kit X Factory has ever sold because so many parts are carried over; most drivers will do this conversion in less than two hours. The T4.1 conversion usually takes a bit over two hours.

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